Meet a Fresh Approach to Pet Treats!

4-Leg’s Treat Medley provides many of the most essential vitamins and nutrients to your Dogs Diet. The combination of Liver, Lung and Spleen completes the nutritional protein profile needed for a long and healthy life. These Beef Organs are considered Superfoods and provide essential protein and amino acids not found in today’s pet food supply. Choose one of the options below.

  • Personalized Pet Treats

    (Low-Cost Subscription)

  • Personalized Pet Treats

    (Non-Subscription 4 Bag Minimum)

How Does My Purchase Help?

Supporting shelters across America is our way of showing we care. With your purchase of our Premium Pet Treats, you're supporting our mission of empowering rescues and animal-centric organizations. TOGETHER we can provide hope to animals in their search of finding loving families and forever homes.

  • Lifesaving Support

    Help Animal Rescues provide life-saving support to animals in need by providing vital resources to animals in our network of partnered shelters.

  • Finding Forever Homes

    With each purchase, proceeds are shared with Humane Societies throughout the United States enabling us to help Humane Societies bring families and adoptable pets together.

  • Community Education

    We've partnered with rescues and organizations whose mission is to educate the public and save the dogs imprisoned by puppy mills.

Why Choose Our Beef Medley Treats

The nutritional profile of our treats provides your 4-Leg friends with vital nutrients they need to live a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet. We recommend using the treats in their daily diet by feeding individually or adding to their current food.

  • Beef Liver Jerky

    USDA-inspected beef liver, high in protein and low in fat so you can feel good about indulging your pup.

  • Beef Lung Bites

    These single-ingredient beef lung bites are a highly enticing training treat and are great for pets of all sizes.

  • Beef Spleen Jerky

    Our single-ingredient, beef spleen treats taste great and are full of healthy protein, vitamins and minerals.

  • Ren S - Chicago, IL

    We love the Medley treats delivered monthly at a reduced cost.  Our Maggie loves the delivery at the first of every month and knows that she will be receiving a delicious, healthy treat.  We have started to add some of the treats to her food bowl which she can't wait to devour. These are Maggie's favorite treats and having the bag personalized with her picture is precious.

  • Melanie H - Buffalo, NY

    We wanted to test out the Personalized treats before subscribing so the option to purchase 4 bags with 'Louies' picture on them was impossible to pass up.  He loves these treats and is now a superstar with our friends as we shared the treats with them all.  We are going to sign up for the monthly subscription and get these treats for Louie and his friends all year.

  • Dianne G - Sangar, CA

    Hank is crazy for these treats.  He simply can't eat enough so we are so thankful that they are healthy snacks.  The snacks are clean and come in a rather large bag so we added some to Hank's food bowl to supplement his kibble.  We think it is like partially feeding him a raw and natural diet.   He has never been more healthy....thank you.

Our Partner Rescues

  • AHeinz57 Rescue & Transport, IA

    "The 4-Leg Fundraising team was responsive, innovative, and provided complete campaign support.  They were great to work with and we are excited for our next campaign."

  • Second Chance Rescue, NY

    "We always felt fully supported during our fundraiser.  The fundraiser was well organized and ran very smoothly.  The treats were of great quality and shipped to our supporters quickly"

  • spcaLA, CA

    "Without a doubt, the easiest and most efficient Fundraiser our rescue has ever done. It was quick, easy, and our supporters loved the treats! This will be a go-to for us every year."

Dogs Love It — Their Humans Agree!

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