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How fast are the Treats delivered?

For our Customized Pet Treats both subscription and non-subscription options will be shipped within 3 Days of your order and will arrive to you within 6-10 days after you place your order. For our non-personalized pet treats, you should expect to receive your order within 3-5 days.

What's included in the Medely Subscription Box?

In each Medley Subscription Box, you will receive 4 Bags of our Premium Beef Medley Treats as well as a bonus surprise for your 4-Leg Friend!

What are the Treats made of?

All of our Treats are made from USDA USA Nebraska Beef Liver, Lung and Spleen. Providing your pets with essential vitamins and minerals.

Can I Change my Pet's picture?

YES! If you'd like to change the image of your pet that is used on their Personalized Pet Treats you can email us at support@4legtreats.org with your pet's new picture and we will update their label before their next order.

Does 4-Leg Treats donate and Fundraise for Animal Rescues?

YES! We've partnered with many/dozens of Animal Centric Organizations and provide them with Fundraising programs, life-saving funds and supplies to help facilitate their missions.

Does a Subscription save me money?

YES! When you sign up for a monthly subscription you will save over 20% per order, sign up today.

What is the shelf life of your Premium Beef Medely Treats?

An unopened bag of our Treats has a shelf life of 2 years from the manufactured date.

How do I manage my Subscription?

Your can manage your Subscription by visiting this link and entering the email you used during checkout or by contacting us at support@4legtreats.org.